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Engaging visitors to your website via email Subscription

It somehow strange how bloggers take email subscription for granted,The web is so large that you can't afford to loose your visitors, One of the best way to make your website available to the world is to make your articles and blog posts available or syndication which mean visitors will be able to subscribe to your blog contents instead of having to visit your site directly to get the latest info and updates.
Engaging visitors to your website via email Subscription
Making people coming back has been one of the major challenges facing many websites,Having a visitor on your blog is one thing keeping them coming back again is another,Even if the site content is so engaging it still hard for visitors to keep visiting the site regularly.
When visitors subscribe to your blog contents via email they will find out when there is a new content available on your website without having to visit your site,For such service I always recommend Google Feedburner, Feedburner helps you to burn your feed by making it available for subscription, This service is completely free and it is very efficient and flexible to use you can add your feed to feed burner by visiting http://www.feedburner.com register add you site by inserting the site URL and it will automatically detect your site feed. After the registration a link will be generated for your new burned feed that you can use to access your site feed in a better preview.
To archive what we want click on the newly created feed and select publicize tab under the tab there are some publicity option available on the left menu there is an email subscription item click on it then you will be given an HTML source that you can place on your website to enable your visitors to subscribe to you feed. Remember to click the Save button at the bottom of the tab when you are done.
Also there a a social feature on the publicity tab that will listen to latest update and automatically share it on you twitter page, you can check it out.
The copied code from feed burner can be placed anywhere on your site this will allow visitor to subscribe for your updates.
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1 comment:

  1. If you really want to get serious with email newsletter , then you have to look beyond feedburner.

    Feedburner is cool , no doubt. The only reason why I don't like them is that they don't give you a chance to configure the newsletters you send. They just grab updates from your RSS feed and send them to your subscribers. Not cool.