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Programming Languages and Frameworks Nigeria Programmers Should Learn in 2017

The web and Software Development industry is growing fast at an unpredictable rate, Nigerian Programmers need to relentlessly be marching forward each day. Lots of popular Programming Languages, Frameworks and Tools were released in 2016 which gives us more power and change the way we work. It is difficult to keep track of everything that is new, so I decided to give you my take on what is important and what you should learn during the next twelve months of 2017. So am going to be talking about the Trends, Frontend, Backend, Tools, Databases and Tech.
Programming Languages and Frameworks Nigeria Programmers Should Learn in 2017

Interactive & Animated Checkout Payment Design with Card

You website Checkout Payment Page is should be one of the most inviting pages of your website either your running a large E-Commerce Site or Mini-Store. Card is a tiny vanilla JavaScript project (with a JQuery version) that will make your credit card forms much more fun and interactive. After a quick installation, the library will take your form and transform it into an animated CSS-only credit card that gets filled as users input their data. With Card.js and animation that will make your Store Payment Page interactive and attractive to buyers is as easy and simple as it can get.
Interactive & Animated Checkout Payment Design with Card

How to use Database ( MongoDb ) as session Handler PHP - 2016

By default PHP has an inbuilt session handler that stores session variable by saving session variables into a file. The native sessions just depend on writing a small cookie and file on the server. Database based session allows you to add security functionality to the session layer, Any performance lose or gain by putting your sessions in a database won't be noticeable for the vast majority of applications, however it's more secure if you put your sessions in the database, that being the most developers primary reason for doing so. Database-based sessions are also perfect in server farm environments because a user could visit each server in the course of their visit; file-based sessions would only be valid on that one server. But we can override PHP's built-in session handlers by using session_set_save_handler . When your app gets big and you start thinking of scaling Database based session makes things easier. MongoDB (from humongous) is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database. You can read more about MongoDB at http://www.mongodb.org. Using MongoDb is a way of separating the session management database from the primary sever Database, It is well known that most PHP websites use MySQL as their primary database. I prefer not to let the session handler implementation affect the primary database performance. MongoDb can also store some special data format and an Object as a whole without any data loss.
How to use Database ( MongoDb ) as session Handler PHP

Amazon aws EC2 'Elastic Cloud' Setup with Ubuntu, PHP, Apache, Node.js, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin Installation

Amazon EC2 stands for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud it is a Amazon web service (aws) that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It will be really selfish of me not to share the benefits of this wonderful cloud platform. We are not only going to setup an EC2 Server instance but I will educate you on the benefits of this great cloud platform that comes almost free to developers, If you have been wasting your time with hosting companies this is your chance to save money and pay for just what you use. Amazon EC2 provides developers the tools to build failure resilient applications and isolate themselves from common failure scenarios. After reading this amazon aws tutorial You should know How to setup Amazon EC2 Instance , Install Apache , PHP, Node.js MySQL, PHPMyAdmin and lastly we are going to setup a website on the Instance. The good part is that Amazon give you the chance to start using this wonderful platform free for 12 months with 1GB RAM.
Amazon aws EC2 'Elastic Cloud' Setup with Ubuntu, PHP, Apache and Node.js Installation

How to Create Computer Based Assessment Test Interface with AngularJs

AngularJs is young powerful and efficient, It is a very good framework for javaScript design and a flexible client side framework it let you write less code and do more things. Read 5 Minutes Head-start on How to use AngularJs for web Design to know more about AngularJs, You can also read Real Time live data Graph Plotting Application with AngularJs and PHP (Google Analytics, Adsense Style) to see how you can use this powerful MVC library to create a real time graph for your websites and other web based applications. The point off this tutorial is to design a simple user interface assessment page.
How to Create Computer Based Assessment Test Interface with AngularJs

Don't Even Think of Starting a News Blog Without Reading THIS first!

Using the WayBackMachine I was able to preview the progress of an old blog of mine and it brought back some memories, it reminds me of the Search Engine Optimization practices and tricks that I used to get the site to Alexa top 100 most visited website in some countries in just a year, Don't be surprised news website have great traffic potential but only if you know them. The top secret to this huge traffic and breakthrough is through include experimenting with the templates, news content arrangement page, categories, titles, Font Sizes, Images.You need to know this 10 thing before you write your very first content on your blog.
Top 10 Search Engine Practice to get News Website PR5

How to Paginate and Sort Data with PHP - Mailbox Design Style

Pagination is a crucial part of web development, It helps to save the loading time and also keeps data organized. PHP as a dynamic programming language can be used to paginate and sort data in a webpage with just few lines of codes. In this tutorial we are going to design a mailbox style design with CSS3 and use PHP to paginate and sort the messages coming from the MySQL database. Sorting of data can be a tutorial on it's own but in combination with pagination will result in a powerful dynamic and organized web design interface.
How to design mobile responsive website with HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery in a minute

Top 5 Tricks to Perform Redirection with PHP

A server side redirect is a method of URL redirection using an HTTP status code (e.g., 301 Moved Permanently, 303 See Other and 307 Temporary Redirect) issued by a web server in response to a request for a particular URL. The result is to redirect user's web browser to another web page with a different URL. Redirection in PHP has lots of approaches, to be more specific about it, everything boils down to what you want. We are going to discuss How to redirect visitors using PHP programming language. This are the 5 most common ways to perform redirection on your website with PHP. We are going to see how we can use JavaScript also .htaccess file for redirection.
Top 5 Most Secured Ways Perform Redirection with PHP

Top 20 Things Web Developers Should Master for an Interview.

Have you ever wondered what question might be ask in an interview? As a developer you need to get yourself familier with some terms used in web development. Here are top most asked question in an interview, This is extracted from a Quora.com answer and it is written by developer from all angles around the world. Hope it help someone.
 Top 20 Things Web Developers Should Master for an Interview.

Whats New in PHP7, How dose it compares to HHVM Performance and Features?

I upgraded one of my server to PHP7 to see how my application will work with it. But personally my design has been about MVC. MVC (Model-View-Controller) is a software design pattern built around the interconnection of three main component types, in a programming language such as PHP, often with a strong focus on object-oriented programming (OOP) software paradigms. On the Other hand is Hip Hop Virtual Machine HHVM, HHVM is a virtual machine for running PHP code as well as for running the new programming language HACK it is a virtual machine based on JIT (Just-In-Time) compilation.HHVM is built by Facebook which I know will work better with the MVC design pattern all I have to do is make sure that HHVN handles the business logic of the web applications. In this post, I am going to explain my experience in running PHP7 on my server and how it compares to HHVM performance.

How do I start a blog and what are the best blogging platforms available?

Blogging is a very interesting thing to do, To get a glimpse of why you need to blog read this article on 20 Reasons Why You Need to Start Blogging , Running a blog is very easy just make sure you are blogging on what you are passionate about. The best way to start a blog is to make sure that you are ready and a willing to start blogging no matter what it may cost you, though it somehow free but it will cost you time and some practices to get started before you become a professional blogger. One of the decisions starters finds hard to take is choosing a blogging platform to start with and how to get traffic to their new blog. on how to get free traffic for your new blog read How to Get More Web Traffic to Your Website . In this article, we are going to focus on what you need to start blogging and how to choose the best blogging platforms that will host your blog.
How do I start a blog and what are the best blogging platforms available?

Must-have tools and services for Front-End Web Development

To have an efficient front-end development environment require more than just the right skills, It needs to be with the right tools. This web development tools make our work easier every day. As a for a web developer/ web designer you can not help but have this tools and service readily available for every project. This tools are what add grease to the wheels of your development process and make things run smoothly without unnecessary rough patches. I have taken my time to look around the web and search for tools that are needed to have more front-end development environment on your PC and here they are base on developers remarks. It not necessary for you to have more than one tool that performs a single task but it your choice to determine the tool that suit your taste.
Must have tool and services for Front-End Web Development

How to Get More Web Traffic to Your Website

Traffic is one of the most common challenges we experience for new and old websites. But there are many ways to getting visitors to your new website. I will like to recommend that you invest time in creating an SEO strategy that helps you to connect with your customers socially, and encourages them to interact with you this way. But am not going to assume that you want free traffic or paid traffic because the best traffic sources are free. In the beginning, search engines can't work for you because it takes a long time to bring your site to the first page of Google by applying proper white hat SEO techniques. Use any chance to promote your site for free. Free promotion is always welcome, so don't neglect it.  Invest into Paid Advertising (Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and others) Get in touch with other authoritative websites in your field and offer them some contribution to their work in exchange for the link or mention.
Well, Here is 22 different ways of increasing your website traffic.
How to get more web traffic to your website

Top 10 Free HTML Blogger Blogspot Templates 2018

Thing about Blogger HTML template is that it has some XML and CSS in a single file but with little knowledge of XML and HTML Blogspot templates are easy to edit to suit your desire. Blogger templates of 2016 need to have some SEO improvement markups to keep up with trending SEO practices of 2016. All modern HTML5 blogger BlogSpot templates need to be responsive and mobile friendly Themes can be made friendly by using of CSS3, Google has stated that mobile friendliness is now part of SEO advantages.
Top 10 Free HTML Blogger Blogspot Templates 2016

HTML5 Unicode Symbols & Icons for Web Designers & Developers

Loading some additional Icons library can slow down your webpage , Why not just use the inbuilt HTML5 Symbols and Icons. It will save you great deal of time and working flexibility, It very simple to use, There is no import needed all we need to do is put the code and it done. They are Created to make web development cycle easier. 
HTML Useful Unicode Symbols : Useful for Web Designers.

Free 100% Responsive 3 Columns Blogger Template Download: SDK Alpha Blogger Template SEO Ready

This is the first blogger template am giving away on this blog, I hope you like it. I take my time to make sure that the template is 100% responsive so that it can work with any screen size including mobile displays, tablet and mini screens. With the help of JQuery the template menu automatically reduce itself to the screen size. You will have no trouble using it.I also make sure that it has 3 columns for those that loves it that way. I did not forget the ads positioning too to maximize your advert earnings through this template. This template is SEO Ready to help you skyrocket you blog to the top of the search engine Result.
Free 100% Responsive 3 Columns Blogger Template Download: SDK Alpha Blogger Template

20 Reasons Why You Need to Start Blogging.

I have been a blogger since 2008, Blogging is what motivated me to become a programmer a year after. It is what make me who I am Today, Am proud to say that I have become a better me. It improve my learning, writing and speaking skills academically. It Builds me an online audience, I was able to gain people's trust and confidence , It helps to Improve my think ability and ways of observing and tackling challenges in life. It make me a lot of money and brought me new friends. It make my Life better and Today I am happy that I start blogging and am proud to be a blogger. But it seems some people don't just realize why they need to blog So, Am putting this together to give you an insight on the benefits of blogging and the reason why you need to own a blog, be yourself and let your voice be heard .
20 Reasons Why You Need to Start Blogging This Year.

Beginners Step-by-Step Guide For Building Apps with Node.js

I just discovered that node.js has been one of the hidden treasure on the internet, I did not get to know much about node.js until the last two years but I have always installed it on my system until about some weeks ago I decide to take it for a spin and that's when i knew that node.js has the solution to one of my most used technique in programming, if you have read my tutorial on how i manage to keep my objects alive from the database on the server to the client side. But the incredible thing is that it a very simple task to be achieved using node.js which makes node very awesome to me. you really need to see this great programming language in action. let see node.js do something cool by using socket.io to create live chat app with node.js plus I forgot to mention node doesn't need Apache server to work it has it own way of crating an HTTP connection.

How to Create Custom Audio Media Player With HTML5 and JQuery P1

The tutorial you have basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript, We are going to create an awesome audio music player that can work cross-browser with an incredible look and feel.
 JQuery is involved for compatibility. I/O is still evolving on the web lot of security constraints has been put in place for user protection. Our aims are quite simple. Get audio files, read them and play.
Streaming is done by the app. The supported extension is mp3, mp4, wave e.t.c.
How to Create Custom Audio Media Player With HTML5 and JQuery P1

How to Create Simple Countdown Timer Using JavaScript.

Countdown Timer can be very useful in our applications. There are lot of Countdown timer plugin on the web but in web development speed and size matters, using a third party plugin can be expansive in terms of size and libraries that need to be imported. But in this tutorial we are going to be using a simple JavaScript codes to countdown time as given to the timer function. It simple you can download the Source and try it.

How to Create Flexible, Sortable & Draggable Table with JQuery and BootStrap

Creating a sortable table can make lot of work easier and more understandable by users, In this tutorial we are going to use JQuery sortable and Draggable JQuery UI plugin to create a school times table that is useful for lecturers to arrange periods and times of lectures. This can be apply to many type of web applications on different cases depending on what the web developer prefers, This draggable style will improve user experience on your application and make it easier for lecturers to schedule lecture without stress.
How to Create Flexible, Sortable & Draggable Table with JQuery and BootStrap

How to create MySQL Database using PhpMyAdmin

Database connection is the backbone of web development, manipulating of data is what most programming languages do but what about if we are interested in strain the data for a longer period of time, then this is where database comes in. Most of the popular databases like ORACLE,SQL,SQLITE,MYSQL are all serving the same functions with some little difference such as their capacity but their primary purpose is to store data. In this tutorial we are going to discuss how to Create MySQL Database using PHPMyAdmin user interface.
How to create MySQL Database using PhpMyAdmin

How to Design Mobile Responsive Web Layout using HTML5 in a Minute

Resiponsive website is a priority, Mobile view is now on the roof.
 Of recent,  Google stated in their blog post that mobile responsiveness of webpage has been added to the list of top prioritized components that will be used to rank web pages on their search engine. In this article, Let's see how we are going to create a mobile responsive web layout.
 Using HTML5, and CSS3 but to make sure that our layout work on older browsers we will use Modernizr.

How to design mobile responsive website with HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery in a minute

How to Prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery Attack on your Website in a Minute

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is a type of attack that occurs when a malicious Web site, email, blog, instant message, or program causes a user’s Web browser to perform an unwanted action on a trusted site for which the user is currently authenticated.
We have a serious issue here I will like to emphasize the fact that was mentioned in the definition which the user is currently authenticated, Which mean the user is a trusted user. It like having an attack from someone that use your trusted friend as a disguise. The most painful part might not be the attack itself but the fact that it came through someone you've trusted on you site.
How to Prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery Attack on your Website in a Minute

How to Create a Circular Shape Progress Bar Using HTML5 Canvas

Displaying the progress of an ongoing operation to the users is one of the best way of representing a process progress in web applications. Now here is how to spice it up a bit, Making the progress bar in circular shape is now the most used style for a process that might take long. This is also very useful when you want to use a progress bar to represent any form of rating in percentage in your own applications. It make it look more presentable than the basic old lame rectangular progress bar.
How to Create a Circular Shape Progress Bar Using HTML5 Canvas

How to Prevent Uploading of Drape and Adult Images to your Website using PHP and AngularJs

There are lot of restriction on Adult Images and contents on the web, some user abuse the opportunity you give to them to upload images that might get your website into trouble, Not all webmasters have the time to be screening all images uploaded to their server before it is published. It can be painful to know which type of Image that exposes body parts through just a little line of coding for this reason we are going to borrow a class from phpclasses.org to help use view this images and screen them out, Do you know an interesting part, This class has a tolerance control that can help you set the amount of expose able parts, We don't want to block a picture of woman breast feeding her baby when we are building a charity site.
How to Prevent Uploading of Drape and Adult Images to your Website using PHP

How to buy and Setup a Custom Domain Through Blogger in 2 minutes.

Having a custom domain name for your blog will not only make your blog unique but it will also increase the respect given to your blog by your audience and search engines. We are going to discuss how you can take advantage of your new custom domain name to get more organic traffic to your site at no extra cost.
How to buy and Setup a Custom Domain Through Blogger in 2 minutes

How to Make Money With Google AdSense, The beginners Guide

Of all the means of earning online Google AdSense has been of of the most reliable source of generating online income, I have been part of Google AdSense program since 2009. There are ups and downs I have been experimenting with the platform for a very long time, AdSense has been one of my source of income apart from programming. It easy to start making money from the platform you just need to focus on what you are doing and let google worry about the Ads. I will share with you how to make deny through Google AdSense steadily, If you don’t have any prior experience of Google Adsense don’t worry I will make sure we touch every thing you need to get started and start earning money through Google Adsense.
How to Make Money With Google AdSense, The beginners Guide