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Amazon aws EC2 'Elastic Cloud' Setup with Ubuntu, PHP, Apache, Node.js, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin Installation

Amazon EC2 stands for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud it is a Amazon web service (aws) that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It will be really selfish of me not to share the benefits of this wonderful cloud platform. We are not only going to setup an EC2 Server instance but I will educate you on the benefits of this great cloud platform that comes almost free to developers, If you have been wasting your time with hosting companies this is your chance to save money and pay for just what you use. Amazon EC2 provides developers the tools to build failure resilient applications and isolate themselves from common failure scenarios. After reading this amazon aws tutorial You should know How to setup Amazon EC2 Instance , Install Apache , PHP, Node.js MySQL, PHPMyAdmin and lastly we are going to setup a website on the Instance. The good part is that Amazon give you the chance to start using this wonderful platform free for 12 months with 1GB RAM.
Amazon aws EC2 'Elastic Cloud' Setup with Ubuntu, PHP, Apache and Node.js Installation

How to Create Computer Based Assessment Test Interface with AngularJs

AngularJs is young powerful and efficient, It is a very good framework for javaScript design and a flexible client side framework it let you write less code and do more things. Read 5 Minutes Head-start on How to use AngularJs for web Design to know more about AngularJs, You can also read Real Time live data Graph Plotting Application with AngularJs and PHP (Google Analytics, Adsense Style) to see how you can use this powerful MVC library to create a real time graph for your websites and other web based applications. The point off this tutorial is to design a simple user interface assessment page.
How to Create Computer Based Assessment Test Interface with AngularJs

Don't Even Think of Starting a News Blog Without Reading THIS first!

Using the WayBackMachine I was able to preview the progress of an old blog of mine and it brought back some memories, it reminds me of the Search Engine Optimization practices and tricks that I used to get the site to Alexa top 100 most visited website in some countries in just a year, Don't be surprised news website have great traffic potential but only if you know them. The top secret to this huge traffic and breakthrough is through include experimenting with the templates, news content arrangement page, categories, titles, Font Sizes, Images.You need to know this 10 thing before you write your very first content on your blog.
Top 10 Search Engine Practice to get News Website PR5

How to Paginate and Sort Data with PHP - Mailbox Design Style

Pagination is a crucial part of web development, It helps to save the loading time and also keeps data organized. PHP as a dynamic programming language can be used to paginate and sort data in a webpage with just few lines of codes. In this tutorial we are going to design a mailbox style design with CSS3 and use PHP to paginate and sort the messages coming from the MySQL database. Sorting of data can be a tutorial on it's own but in combination with pagination will result in a powerful dynamic and organized web design interface.
How to design mobile responsive website with HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery in a minute