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Easy Understanding of How The Stock Market Works in Just a Minute.

Am not a very huge fan of the stock market but I have always wondered how it works, What is the benefit, Do they really make profit or this guys in suit are just swindling our money. If your thinking is somehow inline with my previous thought then I will like to tell you that you are in the right place and you are very close to knowing the truth as am going to break down how the stock market work as simple as it can get in this article.
I recently had a client asking me to build something relevant to the stock market but I don't have any formal knowledge about it so I consult an Indian friend of mine (Srinivas Tamada) who is also a blogger. He has written an article on this a very long time ago he titled it The Stock Market Story but I plan to bring it back to life with his permission.

Google has Introduced a pretty brand new logo

Google has Introduced a pretty brand new logo. I just reload my G+ page and it showed up pretty and beautiful, Google has redesigned the logo it has been using since it was created in 1998. I like the capital G used in Google plus better than the small g. making it look a lot more modern and playful.This is the biggest change that has happen to the logo since 1999.
Google has Introduced a pretty brand new logo