November 2017 ~ Hybrid Mobile Apps Development, React Native, Flutter, JavaScript, Darts, iOS, Android, NodeJS
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Build your first Ionic 3 Mobile App, Detailed Beginner's Guide

Ionic is the Leading Cross-Platform development framework. Ionic let you build Mobile application for Android, iOS and Windows with just a single codebase.
The first issue that beginner's have when they want to build an Ionic App is that they don't have previous experience with the technologies behind the Ionic Stack.
Ionic 3 uses Angular, Typescript and HTML5 for it main components.
The first two stack technologies are both based on javascript.
Therefore, To truly understand this tutorial you should be able to write basic JavaScript. You are expected to understand functions, Objects, arrays and variable declarations.

Why Ionic Framework is Leading Cross-Platform Development Stack

Ionic Framework is a mobile app stack that let web developers build apps for all major app stores and the web with a single code base. At the same time, your app looks and feels awesome on every device, Isn't that great?
In fact , All you need to know is Angular, JavaScript, Typescript and HTML5.
Arguably, All these are things you can learn through a normal weekend if your'e a newbie.
Above all, Ionic Framework makes it easy for web developers to build mobile and web apps for Android, Windows, IOS, Electron and Browser without stress.
Why Ionic Framework is Leading Cross-Platform Development Stack