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User Friendly tutorial on setting up FTP, PHP, MySQL and Apache on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, or EC2 Instance

This might not work for you due to Amazon Aws updates, Please visit Amazon aws EC2 'Elastic Cloud' Setup with Ubuntu, PHP, Apache, Node.js, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin Installation for the updated article.
I just set up my own Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, or EC2, After lot of Googleling and reading I finally found a solution to it but it took me time before i got my hands on it, so if you have been in my shoes and you found this site I congratulate you because today is your lucky day. Am writing this tutorial to help people like me who are willing to create their own Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, or EC2 Instance and also we are going to discuss how to link your instance to your Active Domain name. This is a very user friendly tutorial for EC2 Setup, This tutorial will lead you to huw to setup and install PHP, MySQL Apache and FTP on your EC2 instance but you can always use the same procedure to install any other type of server you wist o install too.

How scripts, Images and CSS minify can Improve your site SEO

Popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and others are always trying to give their user he best result, One of the things used in the consideration of which site to be ranked better is the server response speed and the time it takes your site to load.By minifying your scripts you web page can gain up to 45% efficiency and reduction in size. Minify simply stands for removing unwanted characters and white spaces from your source code without affecting the real function of the code. If you have not been taking minify into account during the deployment of your projects you need to start doing it now.
How scripts, Images and CSS minify can Improve your site SEO

Understanding Google Adsense Policy word for word

This article will be very useful for those that have been having trouble getting into the google AdSense programme due to Google AdSense policies. As a google AdSense polisher I have had a lot of experience with Google AdSense especially when it comes to abiding with their policy and maximizing AdSense earnings, We are firstly going to start with the number one issue that get people kicked out of Google AdSense programme.
Understanding Google Adsense Policy word for word

Hacking vs Security : The Anatomy of Hacking

When it comes to security every developer needs to consider doing some test on their web application before deployment to the web. On this Article we are going to be discussing about Hacking, Security and Preventive measures that can be taken to secure your web applications. It may seem unthinkable that any normal person would carelessly leave valuable assets lying around where it can be stolen. and yet we see this happening every day in the computer world, where codes written without any security measure to secure the data they work with or secure the access to the resource of the server in which they run. Addressing security issues is more complex than people think, If we are to discuss web application security as a whole we will have to write a book for it, What am going to do is to highlight just some thing you need to know to be security conscious but during this process we are also going to look into some vulnerabilities of web applications. Hacker was once a very good programmer but not all of them as you can see in the image above there are two categories, as we know "Satan was once an angel" In other words in case you’re reading this article to learn hacking my advice is learn programming no one is borne a hacker.

Create simple bar chart using PHP GD Library

I discovered that PHP GD library can be very useful and powerful when it comes to creating and image that will be automatically generated from the supplied data. Bar charts are very useful when it comes to presentation just like the popular saying "A picture is worth a thousand words." . Not only that it very useful to web developers when it comes to displaying analytic on the web applications. If you’re the type that loves to create your own design and have your own thing am sure you are going to love this. In this Tutorial we are going to use PHP GD library to create a bar chat and as for the demo it is going to be displaying the results of students for their exam, test and practical. You can customize the source code to suit whatever you want to use it with the code is very flexible and easy to manipulate. I am not using database to serve the data bus as a replacement an array was used which is the same data structure any database query result will use.
Create simple bar chart using PHP GD Library

Detect faces in Pictures (Facebook Style) using JQuery

I was working on a project of recent where I need to detect human faces on pictures then after lot of googleing I came across this JQuery script for detecting face on images, Face detection was made popular by facebook when this was implemented people don't utilize it much but now developer can use it as a means of improving user experience on their web applications. We are going to Use the Face detection script below to read the image bit by bit and use CSS to box out the faces that are detected on the images, Don’t worry you can always download the source code of this tutorial for better understanding on how it works.

Manipulating CVS file to accept and release data using PHP

”As am diving into PHP development for web applications, I decide to explore some unique feature of the programming language, I have been able to discover that PHP has so many useful inbuilt functions for web application development and it gets better when object oriented programming pattern is adopted by the developer. In this tutorial we are going to look at how to manipulate CVS file using PHP.