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Have you seen new waterproof Motorola Moto G Smartphone ?

Motorola release the latest update to product Moto G smartphone,Their products is known to have low price and premium specs, but with added water-resistance and the ability to customize the device using Motorola's Moto Maker service. Moto G was firstly lunched by Google in November 2013, it was widely praised for its low price, quad-core processor and HD screen, offering a wallet-friendly alternative to some of the premium devices on the market at the time, like Apple's iPhone 5c.
Have you seen new waterproof Motorola Moto G Smartphone ?

Using Regular Expression as validator in JavaScript and PHP

It is the Duty of every developer to validate and make sure that all the data that users supply are valid before it gets to the database, Today I will ensure we touch both sever side and client side validation using the regular expression. "In theoretical computer science and formal language theory, a regular expression (abbreviated regex or regexp and sometimes called a rational expression) is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern, mainly for use in pattern matching with strings, or string matching, i.e. "find and replace"-like operations. The concept arose in the 1950s, when the American mathematician Stephen Kleene formalized the description of a regular language, and came into common use with the Unix text processing utilities ed, an editor, and grep (global regular expression print), a filter." - Wikipedia.
Using Regular Expression as validator in JavaScript and PHP

Microsofts Windows 10 Edge proven to be 112% faster than Google Chrome

I know most developers will love to get their hands dirty with the new Microsofts Windows 10 Edge browser most especially to test run their new apps with Google Chrome being the most popular browser in the world Microsofts Edge might prove to be superior.
Edge is the name for Microsofts latest browser that is shipped in with Microsoft latest Windows version, Windows 10. The release date of Microsoft Windows 10 is July 29th of this year. Windows 10 will be used across all Microsoft devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones – as well as the Xbox games console and HoloLens, Microsoft's new wireless holographic headset.

Microsofts Windows 10 EDGE proven to be 112% faster than Google Chrome

Coverting Object to PHP from Database [Mysql] into JSON, Usable in client side JavaScript

Hello Hope you have been good,I will also like to use this opportunity to acknowledge that you can now request for tutorials through the Request Tutorial page .
Being a programmer that love to code in an object oriented patters, I can't help but make sure that my objects remain an object from the database to the server also to the client side.
Today we are going to work on transforming objects from Sever side (PHP,JAVA,C,.NET) to Client side (JavaScript), This will be fun because we are going to achieve this using The JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), JSON is well understood by many programming languages.
Coverting Object to PHP from Database [Mysql] into JSON usable in client side JavaScript

Secure your web applications through .htaccess file

Hi everyone, For today and the coming days we are going to dwell more on security for web apps ,
Now we are going to learn how to improve security using the .htaccess file,This is a very important thing your web application must have to prevent attacks from malicious users, I will highly recommend that you use this practice for your existing and ongoing project to improve the security.
It is very simple to implement all we have to do is just create the .htaccess file and put it on our web server public directory.
As for those that are using CMS such as Joomla, Wordpress e.t.c your .htaccess is automatically edited by your CMS but you can also use this to add extra security measure, But please ensure that you understand this tutorial properly and you back up you previous .htaccess file.
Secure your wed application through .htaccess file

Capture Audio & Video with your website like skype using HTML5 and JavaScript

Hi Friends, It been a while since we did some cool Programming stuffs, Let crack this one together. Today we are going to learn how to access user webcam and use it to snap picture and videos just like Skype.This was initially done by +Eric Bidelman a Google Developer on HTMLRockswebsite owned by Google. but I save the best out of it for us, Please keep in Mind that the technology behind this audio/video capture is fully supported by Google Chrome ,Opera,Latest Firefox browser and some other browser but I will recommend that you make use of Google chrome to see how it really works.
Capture Audio & Video with your website like skype using HTML5 and JavaScript

How to Build Links for Traffic and Pagerank

SEO is of huge importance to every website but the key to getting on the first page of search engine is simply through links,This Article is meant for those webmasters and bloggers who are willing to improve their website search appearance ,I hope this will help you overcome most difficulties you are facing with your site SEO, This article is separated into parts because SEO tips and tricks is enough to write an entire book. This is the part one of the SEO secret, we are going to talk about link building and how it affects your pagerank.
SEO Secret.

Wordpress or blogger, Which is best for blogging?

I get this question all the time also often people ask me why I choose Blogger over Wordpress for CodingSavvy,First of all coding savvy was meant to encourage young bloggers that they can start blogging without having a penny through blogger and how flexible Blogger can be. I have run so many Wordpress based sites am going to share my experience with you and give you few good reason why blogger is better for blogging.I know some may not agree,You can read along and leave your comments.
Wordpress or Blogger, Which is best for blogging?