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Wordpress or blogger, Which is best for blogging?

I get this question all the time also often people ask me why I choose Blogger over Wordpress for CodingSavvy,First of all coding savvy was meant to encourage young bloggers that they can start blogging without having a penny through blogger and how flexible Blogger can be. I have run so many Wordpress based sites am going to share my experience with you and give you few good reason why blogger is better for blogging.I know some may not agree,You can read along and leave your comments.
Wordpress or Blogger, Which is best for blogging?
I would like to start by tackling the most anticipated question.

Is Wordpress better than Blogger for SEO?

First of all watch this video where +Matt Cutts , head of webspam at Google, answers the question "Is Wordpress or Blogger better for SEO?"
What he said in the video is that both platform can rank well and that it comes down to your Content and your Links. You are advice to put more focus on building very good contents, You should be focusing less on the SEO "dexterity" of your platform and more give more focus to developing a user- friendly content strategy. Also, and all of those plugins you've installed? Chances are they're just making your website slower and unbalanced.

Dose Google delete bloggers account any time and anyhow they feel like?

I have never been a victim of such situation but I have work with those that are faced with it,To be sincere it hard to believe that such thing happens because my very first blog as a n armature blogger was created back in 2008 it was filled with premium contents that violates copyrights and It always get reported to Google more than 6 times but they never disable or deleted my blog it sill alive till date,The wort that has ever happened was that they simply unpublished the post that was reported.
But the truth is that such thing happens but it is not done for no reason most of the time people get the blog remove it is due to copied contents, You can visit copyscape.com to see how unique your contents are.
But Google themselves admit that your contents always belongs to you so you have the right to get it back.

Solution one to not loosing blogger account.

I always advice those that are using Google .blogspot to avoid loosing at all if lost your blog , it is time to buy a domain name for it. Sure, you can buy one before you've even written your first post, but definitely buy one before you'd loose it.
You can always get a top level domain name from GoDaddy as low as $0.99 Yes,it can be that cheap.

Solution two to not loosing blogger account.

You can always back up all you blog contents from Google via this Google tool. support.google.com/accounts/answer/3024190 You can save it on your computer or even your G-drive.
Here are some reason why I always recommend Google blospot for bloggers 1 :it's free
No charges are attached ( That is if you don't violate the Terms of Service by being a spammer or posting prohibited content), no subscription fees required, no registration fees are needed, no Hosting fee,It is 100% free.
2 :free hosting from Google
Free hosting, Unlimited bandwidth and 99.999% up-time hosting! I have been the victim of loosing a lot of money when one of my website got shut down by the hosting company due to huge amount of traffic,And it not good when your site is getting extremely slow when loading due to limited server resource, your Blogger site will keep serving at peak performance. With hosting like this you don't need to worry about getting too popular.
3: Security
Most blogger are not good at updating CMS and implementing Security patches. I you are using blogger you have nothing to worry about but if you're using Wordpress, you'd better stay informed before your site gets hacked. Yest is has happened to one of the Wordpress blog I designed , the blog was design a long time ago and the owner did not update the site because they are not posting very frequent any more I was surprised when the client called me and say he got Hacked!.
4: custom domain pointing
Adding a custom domain to your Blogger site costs you nothing besides the purchasing of your domain, and you can purchase that domain at any registrar that you choose.
5: show up in search results faster
Are you aware that Blogger sites are added to the Google search index within 24hrs to the time it was created? And did you know that it can sometimes takes weeks or even months before your Wordpress site is indexed? Faster indexing means your site can start getting traffic even sooner.
6: easy to use and understand
We all know Google always make sure their platforms are user friendly and they always put user-experience,Blogger is considered the easiest blogging platform to use, mainly because the interface and editor are so easy to use. No t to talk of the fact that you can setup you blog in just a minute without having to worry about Database connection or to understand FTP or follow installation instructions, don't need to purchase a hosting service, don't need to tinker with code, don't need to manage passwords (beyond your own Gmail password)... well, it's just easy.
7: integration with Google product suite
All Google products and suits such as FeedBurner, Google Webmaster, Google Analytics,Google+, Google Places, Picasa Web, Picasa Creative Kit, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Merchant... all of them are continually being improved, and continually being more and more closely integrated into a cohesive product suite. And with Google Apps for Business it makes it easy to manage everything in one place. Don't see Blogger as a standalone website management tool, but rather think of it as part of a suite of tools that can be used to extend your site and business.
I know some people still don't agree with this just leave your comments.
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1 comment:

  1. If you're looking for a platform that is flexible and has lots of features , WordPress is for you.

    But I've you're going to create a personal , Less complicated blog , then go with blogger.

    The only not-so-cool side about WordPress is that hosting it can be a serious headache. On the other hand Blogger is hosted by google , do you gat no worries.

    In addition , Blogger is more secure that WordPress. Its almost impossible to hack a blognon blogspot platform because its protected by the King of the web , Google.

    What ever platform you choose , they are both great.