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How to Build Links for Traffic and Pagerank

SEO is of huge importance to every website but the key to getting on the first page of search engine is simply through links,This Article is meant for those webmasters and bloggers who are willing to improve their website search appearance ,I hope this will help you overcome most difficulties you are facing with your site SEO, This article is separated into parts because SEO tips and tricks is enough to write an entire book. This is the part one of the SEO secret, we are going to talk about link building and how it affects your pagerank.
SEO Secret.

Some years ago, several SEOs calculated and published PageRank tables based on +Sergey Brin  and +Larry Page’s original paper Available here (
It show that each level is worth 5.5 times the previous level—for example, a PR5 link is worth 5.5 PR4 links and so on.

If you have a choice between sending an email to ten webmasters requesting 10 potential PR4 links, versus two webmasters requesting a single PR6 link, it actually is more efficient to spend significant time crafting your email for the PR6 link as it is worth 5 x 5 = 25 PR4 links.
Building link may not be so easy but it worth your time, You need links to get your site a better page rank, Links are what Google and other search engines use to know your site value, Permit me use as an example here. was lunched on Monday, May 18, 2015 . It almost 2 month old, In just these few weeks of working on the site, I have been able to build a huge link or the site, Even doe According to my experience the site might not be trusted and ranked until it 7th-8th month, If the site is to be ranked tomorrow The minimum rank will be PR4. Look at the Google webmaster links below.
Coding Savvy Links

As at now the pageview is always increasing See the Google Analytic pageview graph below.
Coding Savvy Google Analytics

There is no magic or special powers attached to all this it just a regular SEO practice, Right now I give my article 40% focus with(97%) Uniqueness and I give building links 60% focus Because it seems useless and might be like a waste of time to have great article hanging around on your website and there are not much audience to read it, Link building should be on the first priority list of webmasters.
As at the time of this writing there are just 19 Unique article on this blog, I think it better to have 19 great contents than a thousand uninformative ones, I make sure everything is perfected to the core before any post I make research on what I plan to talk about.

How can I build links?

Building a link is very easy if you are Interactive,You can cut the time you spend on social networks into half and use most of it on building links.
Blog Commenting :You don't need spamming to comment on blogs, Spamming can get your site black listed, most of us read articles online all the time but it kind of a habit of some to not contribute to the discussed topic,It good to make comments on blogs as for Blogger, Wordpress,Joomla and most blogging platforms and websites your username in linked to the website URL you provided when using the comment form.
Social Media : It a great thing that social media such as Google plus allows you to share contents that will be indexed by search engines,This is one of the reasons why the network is gaining attention of many bloggers, Even your comment links are Do-Follow.
Content :This on of the key most important thing, You need to make sure you site is worth linking, Don't make all those who decide to follow your link by clicking on it feel disappointed, If you have great content it will make them come back for more.
Backlink :As I wrote in my previous article, You as a blogger need to interact with other bloggers and webmasters to exchange links, link exchange will benefit both of you,Some webmasters review the site and make sure the contents are unique before accepting an exchange request.
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