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Microsofts Windows 10 Edge proven to be 112% faster than Google Chrome

I know most developers will love to get their hands dirty with the new Microsofts Windows 10 Edge browser most especially to test run their new apps with Google Chrome being the most popular browser in the world Microsofts Edge might prove to be superior.
Edge is the name for Microsofts latest browser that is shipped in with Microsoft latest Windows version, Windows 10. The release date of Microsoft Windows 10 is July 29th of this year. Windows 10 will be used across all Microsoft devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones – as well as the Xbox games console and HoloLens, Microsoft's new wireless holographic headset.

Microsofts Windows 10 EDGE proven to be 112% faster than Google Chrome

According to the blogpost by Microsoft's head of the Windows Insider program +Gabe Aul   , He announced a new set of benchmarks for Microsoft Edge, the company's new web browser made for Windows 10.
Microsoft Edge showed significant performance gains over Google Chrome, but what's most impressive is that Microsoft used benchmarks created by Apple and Google: Edge was tested using Google Octane, Apple JetStream, and WebKit Sunspider. That last one is actually a benchmark created by Apple's WebKit development team that's intended for the iOS, Mac, and Windows versions of Safari, Apple's web browser. According to the benchmark results, Microsoft Edge was 112% faster than Google Chrome on WebKit Sunspider, 11% faster on Google Octane, and 37% faster on Apple JetStream.
"We’re really pleased with those performance gains and we hope that you’ll enjoy faster browsing with Microsoft Edge along with the many great features we’ve added over the last several builds." says, Gabe Aul.

Test Results

On WebKit Sunspider, Edge is 112% faster than Chrome
On Google Octane, Edge is 11% faster than Chrome
On Apple JetStream, Edge is 37% faster than Chrome

If this results are accurate, then Microsofts Edge will be the next most used web browser, considering its power and efficiency.

Window 10 App Developers

According to Gabe Aul's post, Developers working on Windows 10 will have the first opportunity to upload Universal Windows Applications to the Windows Dev Center using production quality Windows 10 tools on July 29th. We appreciate all the time you’ve spent using flights of the tools and providing feedback and we are excited for you to begin sharing your applications with everyone running Windows 10.

Office on Windows 10

"Thanks to all of you who have been using the new Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint mobile apps on Windows 10. There are a few changes to the apps coming up that are part of helping them get ready for their release with Windows 10. You may have already noticed that on PCs and tablets we’ve added “Mobile” to the app names (to help distinguish them from the Office desktop suite), while on phones we simply call the apps Word, Excel and PowerPoint. We will also remove “Preview” from the app names and in about one week, you will need an Office 365 subscription to edit on Windows 10 PCs and larger tablets." Aul said.
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