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HTML5 Unicode Symbols & Icons for Web Designers & Developers

Loading some additional Icons library can slow down your webpage , Why not just use the inbuilt HTML5 Symbols and Icons. It will save you great deal of time and working flexibility, It very simple to use, There is no import needed all we need to do is put the code and it done. They are Created to make web development cycle easier. 
HTML Useful Unicode Symbols : Useful for Web Designers.

Free 100% Responsive 3 Columns Blogger Template Download: SDK Alpha Blogger Template SEO Ready

This is the first blogger template am giving away on this blog, I hope you like it. I take my time to make sure that the template is 100% responsive so that it can work with any screen size including mobile displays, tablet and mini screens. With the help of JQuery the template menu automatically reduce itself to the screen size. You will have no trouble using it.I also make sure that it has 3 columns for those that loves it that way. I did not forget the ads positioning too to maximize your advert earnings through this template. This template is SEO Ready to help you skyrocket you blog to the top of the search engine Result.
Free 100% Responsive 3 Columns Blogger Template Download: SDK Alpha Blogger Template

20 Reasons Why You Need to Start Blogging.

I have been a blogger since 2008, Blogging is what motivated me to become a programmer a year after. It is what make me who I am Today, Am proud to say that I have become a better me. It improve my learning, writing and speaking skills academically. It Builds me an online audience, I was able to gain people's trust and confidence , It helps to Improve my think ability and ways of observing and tackling challenges in life. It make me a lot of money and brought me new friends. It make my Life better and Today I am happy that I start blogging and am proud to be a blogger. But it seems some people don't just realize why they need to blog So, Am putting this together to give you an insight on the benefits of blogging and the reason why you need to own a blog, be yourself and let your voice be heard .
20 Reasons Why You Need to Start Blogging This Year.

Beginners Step-by-Step Guide For Building Apps with Node.js

I just discovered that node.js has been one of the hidden treasure on the internet, I did not get to know much about node.js until the last two years but I have always installed it on my system until about some weeks ago I decide to take it for a spin and that's when i knew that node.js has the solution to one of my most used technique in programming, if you have read my tutorial on how i manage to keep my objects alive from the database on the server to the client side. But the incredible thing is that it a very simple task to be achieved using node.js which makes node very awesome to me. you really need to see this great programming language in action. let see node.js do something cool by using socket.io to create live chat app with node.js plus I forgot to mention node doesn't need Apache server to work it has it own way of crating an HTTP connection.