Programming Languages and Frameworks used to build Top Nigeria Websites. ~ Hybrid Mobile Apps Development, React Native, Flutter, JavaScript, Darts, iOS, Android, NodeJS
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Programming Languages and Frameworks used to build Top Nigeria Websites.

Nigeria websites are programmed using different languages and frameworks from Education, E-commerce, News, Music & Entertainment, Sports Betting & Updates and Banking are the top most popular websites in Nigeria. Some scale well but I believe scalability has to do with the code and the database structure, This are what most visited websites fail to implement which added to the bounce rate and reduce active user capacity. All this is due to the Developers and the maintenance team of the project. I have decide to take some time out and do a research on which framework / programming languages the most popular websites in Nigeria are using and how do they affect their performance and capacity. Let choose a couple of popular Websites in Nigeria we are going to be reviewing.
Programming Languages and Frameworks used to build Top Nigeria Websites
Considering the recent attacks on many Nigeria portals and creation of fake web portals, Most attacks happens when web server are brought to their knees by massive users, Some site will just stop responding to users requests. After looking at the statistics of this report shows that most traffic ready portals in Nigeria includes JAMB, NYSC e.t.c. Kudos to bet9ja for using ASP .NET for their website, That has brought lot of growth to the company, That is the reason why they are able handle huge traffic and their site load faster. This is the major reason why their daily pageview is outstanding.
Websites Popularity / Unique Visitors. month Front-End (Client Side) Back-End (Server Side) Database Notes 2,057,220 Javascript ASP .NET Framework MSSQL Sport Betting website 1,592,841 JavascriptPHPMySQLNews Portal,813JavascriptNodejsMySQLOnline Shopping Mall
Nairaland.com589,095JavascriptPHPMySQLOnline Forum
Vanguardngr.com515,110JavaScriptPHP / JavaScript (NodeJs) ( Wordpress )MySQLNews Portal
Lindaikejisblog.com336,366JavaScriptJavaBigDataNews Blog
Punchng.com300,894JavaScriptPHPMySQLNews Website,147JavaScriptPHP / JavaScript (NodeJs) ( Wordpress )MySQLNews / Entertainment,718JavaScriptASP .NET FrameworkMSSQLGovernment / Education,238JavaScriptASP .NET FrameworkMSSQLGovernment / Education
Konga.com110,736JavaScriptPHP , JavaScript (Node.js)MySQLOnline Shopping Mall
Gtbank.com115,311JavaScriptPHP / ASP .NET FrameworkMSSQL / Oracle DB
It not a surprise that Nigerians love to bet and read News. If you have any website you will like to be added to the list you can drop it in the comments.
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