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Benefits and Contribution of links to Pagerank and SEO

I noticed that coding Savvy reader like Search Engine Optimization tips and tricks, So I have decides that we are going to have a solid SEO practice article. 90% of PageRank algorithm has to do with Linking between pages either inbound,External or Back links. Also we are going to be looking into how No-follow and Do-follow links can affect the PageRank of your website and all it pages.
Benefits and Contribution of links to Pagerank and SEO

What are Links and how dose it contribute to my site SEO?

This is a great question and this is one of the most asked question by bloggers and developers, I will want you you to see page links as a bond between two good friends which is called a friendship bond,
We all have friends and there is always something that connects you to your friends it might be because you have same task in girls, go to the same school, have same hobby and much more reasons.

linking between pages works in the same way it a connection between page A and page B and vice-versa.
On SEO, let assume page A is a celebrity which means page a is popular and well known by so many audience which makes it a star, It's start will also shine on page B because they are both good friends,The fans of page A will trust page B because they believe good friends think alike,This will be an advantage for page B to get those fans who decide to trust page it something to come back to,The situation is just like that of the Sun and the Moon,The Moon gets its light from the Sun which makes it shine but it can't be as bright as the Sun.

In English, Linking from page A to B shows that page A is letting it visitors/Audience know that page B can be trusted that why it good to be careful who you link to,I will want you to see the star of page A as it PageRank on search engines which mean page A is sharing part of it PageRank with page B.

Page B have another celebrity friend, Page C and it is also linking to page B which also mean page C is sharing it PageRank with page B,With this kind of situation page B might be ranked Higher that both page A and C (Depending on their page ranks).

Improving SEO and Pagrank with InBound Linking

Inbound link are links between pages within the same website , This are the bonds or connection between two or more pages of the same website.

Why are Inbound links important

Inbound links are what makes all the pages on your website share their PageRanks which mean equal respect and trust on all your pages it what make your latest post trusted enough to be on the search front page.
The page rank display by PageRank checkers are just the rank of your site homepage but the truth is that all the pages on your website have different rankings, Just like the case of Page A and B your homepage shares it rank with all other pages it links to on your website,That is why your homepage should link to the major categories and pages on your website.

External Links

These are links that takes user out of your website, They are the one that are linked to the URL of another website.

By having an External link it shows that you are willing to trust the site you are linking to which is the reason why social networks have higher search engine PageRanks,It is almost impossible to link to social networks it you want your site to be interactive and also an easy way for your visitors to connect with you.

How can I benefit from External links?

An External link can equally get you a back-link if the site or pager you are linking to checks their traffic status and sees your site they might decide to link back to your web-page.

What are the disadvantages of External Link?

Linking out to another website can be very dangerous,If you link to a black listed websites your site might be penalized by search engines.

Black listed websites are sites that has been banned on Search Engines due to illegal activity,Fraud and other misconduct that is again the search engine's policy, If you link to such site your site can also be penalized, Which can lead to reduction in PageRanks and trust in your website.

Be careful who you link to it just like the same way you should be careful in choosing friends because bad friends can get you in trouble,You can make it a no-follow link to stop search engine bots from crawling the link.


When you link to a website and the site owner equally links back you through his website this kind of linking is known as backlink,Back link dose not necessary have to be on the same page. When page A links to B and B equally links to page A, This situation is known as back linking.

How can I get a backlink to my website

Getting a backlink is easy but getting a good backlink takes time, Some pages and websites prefer linking to pages that has a higher pagerank pages with lower page ranks are forced to pay to get a backlink which can backfire because paying for a backling of any form of paid link is against most search engine policy.
The recommended way of getting a link exchange is to contact the webmaster or the owner of the website that you want to link to, if they are interested they will reply you but if they are not you can always get a good link from a better website.


The rel property is the link property that is used to show if if the link is No-follow or Do-follow, Setting a link property to No-follow mean you are asking search engine bots not to explore the link

How dose No-follow and Do-Follow links works?

Search Engine bots come to your site content they are able to navigate around your site through link they jump from one link to another, This is also one of the reasons why blog latest posts is usually the first on the home page, Here is why your homepage is probably the the most ranked page on your website, Search engine bots always crawl pages with higher ranks first if your your home page links to your latest post the bots automatically assume a Do-Follow link as the name implies they follow the link is tagged rel="nofollow" the page is telling search engine bots not to follow the link.

Note :
If no rel property is defined the link is automatically assumed to be a do follow link.

How to add link to my webpage.

We are going to look at a simple ways of adding inbound and External links to a webpage.

How do I add an Inbound Link to my webpage?

To add a internal link to a page, Let assume your site URL is ,If you are planning to link to a category page like here is a simple way of doing it:

<a href ="/news" alt="News Category" > News </a>

The alt property is a way of telling humans readers what is on the linked page when their mouse hover on it, Web Browsers automatically assumes it an inbound ink and it changes the link to :

<a href="" alt="News Category" > News </a>

How do I add an External link to my webpage?

If you want to link to another website fro your web page you have to write the complete URL of that page like:
<a href="" alt="Coding Savvy website"> Coding Savvy </a>

The type of linking above is assumed to be a Do-Follow external link, If you want the link to be No-Follow all you need to do is add No-Follow as the value of rel property like the one below:

<a href="" alt="Coding Savvy website" rel="nofollow" > Coding Savvy </a>
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