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Apple Watch to have video camera by 2016

The next versions of Apple watch is coming out with better features, but it going to be released by 2016 . include a video camera and a wireless chip allowing greater independence from the iPhone, 9to5Mac said Thursday, citing "multiple sources familiar with Apple's plans." The company may also offer additional premium-priced models, the report said.
Apple plans to improve the product battery life,The last version was on sale in April,making a splashy entry into a market already crowded with smartwatches from companies ranging from Samsung and LG to Motorola, Huawei and Pebble.
Prices for the Apple Watch -- the company's first foray into wearables -- range from $349 for the basic Sport version to $17,000 for the top-of-the-line gold edition. Apple has refuse to reveal how well it's watch is selling but a research of Slice Intelligence estimates that the company has sold nearly 2.8 million to date. In March, market researcher Strategy Analytics predicted that Apple would ship 15.4 million Apple Watch units this year, compared with 12.7 million units for all other smartwatch makers combined.
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