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Window 10 is finally here,What's New?

Microsoft Window 10 lunch is just a month away, Microsoft is gearing up for what may be the most significant update to its operating system since the release of Windows XP in 2001. Microsoft has built lot of OS since established but it nothing like the new Microsoft window 10, This major update will really put it in the front again,Windows 10 will be used across all Microsoft devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones – as well as the Xbox games console and HoloLens, Microsoft's new wireless holographic headset.
Window 10 is finally here,What's New
Now you will have a good way of getting update to the latest Microsoft window OS at no extra cost, Unlike before Windows user have to buy new Copy each time Microsoft releases new version of windows Now, when a customer buys a copy of Windows 10 they will receive regular updates that will keep the operating system up-to-date at no additional cost.
Windows 10 also comes with a raft of new features, such as a new Start menu that combines the Windows 7 Start menu with live tiles from Windows 8, a new web browser called Microsoft Edge, and integration with Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana – already on Windows Phone – which will pop-up with notifications and act as a search tool.
Microsoft also create Windows Insider programme to help make their OS beta. The Windows Insider programme aims to combine the best elements of both, with large numbers of people using the Windows 10 preview, providing Microsoft with data for its telemetry, and an app that allows users to offer both quantitative and qualitative feedback.
July 29 is surely going to be a memorable day for Microsoft windows users.
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