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Why You Still Need Antivirus and Internet Security Software in 2018

Technology has evolved rapidly since the last decade. If you think your devices is safe and secure enough to protect your data, I'm sorry to break it to you but you are wrong. You are more vulnerable than ever before. Its just that now you are blinded in lots of ways you hardly notice that something is not right. Computer viruses are now advanced, they only attack when necessary or when instructed to do so. More so, virus is no longer the only villain, there are hundreds of security-threatening software online seeking to exploit a fragile system. Even with Internet security software and anti-viruses, the best way to stay safe is to be conscious of what you are doing while online.
Why You Still Need Antivirus and Internet Security Software in 2018
A global ransomware attack is holding thousands of computers hostage.
Cybercrime may now be costing businesses worldwide as much as $600 billion and it points to the ease of digital crime as the reason - McAfee


It is the second leading source of cyber-attacks and the third most-affected target.


The country is home to the most sophisticated underground internet economy in the EU.


Previously protected from cyber-crime because of the language barrier and no infrastructure for money laundering. Japan is seeing an increase, especially in attacks targeting banks.

United Kingdom

Online fraud and cyber-crime account for nearly half of all crimes, amounting to more than 5.5 million offenses annually.

United Arab Emirates

It is the second most targeted country in the world with the cost of cyber-crime estimated at $1.4 billion per year.

Safety Recommendations

You need to be aware that malicious software needs to be downloaded, installed, and executed before it can cause harm to your devices.
To guarantee safety on your devices, we advise you avoid using outdated software. Ensure all software on your computer are from trusted sources. Don't accept download request prompt from a strange or an unknown website. If you're the kind that stumbles upon websites on the web you need to take extra measures. Most victims fall for to this trap by clicking a spam link in their email or by downloading an untrusted software via their mail. Note that not all spam emails are caught by the default spam filters. Stay Safe!
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