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5 Ways to Make More Money as a Mobile App Developer

Mobile application development is a profession filled with potential income source. As a developer making money by building mobile applications can be used to improve personal income. Apart from your primary source, You can venture into various aspects of software development that can further earn more money. Here we are going to expose 5 different ways of making more money as a mobile app developer.
5 Ways to Make More Money as a Mobile App Developer

1. Making Money through Blogging

Blogging for any software developer is a way of documenting your personal research thereby enabling you to build up yourself. Overtime, blogging has proven a good money-making avenue for the developer. A developer can start earning from published articles by having a mobile app that will not only serve their audience with latest posts but can be accompanied by adverts from Admob/Adsense or personal adverts.

2. Off-the Shelf Software

As a mobile app developer, Ready-made software products can be built to meet a certain public demand. Software products like this are common-place nowadays. A software solution like an e-commerce app can be built and resold to various business that requires such services. This can also be given away completely free with some bonus features that requires an in-app purchase to unlock.

3. Mobile Games

The mobile game market is highly profitable. Building a mobile game is now very easy thanks to platforms like Unity Game Engine and Unreal Engine. Mobile games are addictive and huge fans can purchase units like coins or unlock feature via in-app purchase but if it's given away for free, ads can be included.

4. Software as a Service (SaaS)

Building app for user consumption is another incredible way of making side income as a mobile app developer. Your products will be online so that users can use it for the solution it provides and pay monthly or yearly subscription per usage. Unlike off-the shelf softwares, SaaS products are completely owned by the developer. All updates, maintenance, and features updates are quite easy to publish. SaaS can be subscription based or in-app purchase to unlock features.

5. Company Publicity Software

As part of many ways to increase your company coverage, a mobile app for your company can get you closer to your clients and improve accessibility. Notification on new offers and recent updates can be pushed to clients with ease.

These are some of the many ways to monetize a mobile app product. I hope you find this article helpful. If it does, please respond by clicking "Yes. thanks" below.
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