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How to locate your lost or stolen Android Device remotely

If it stolen or you lost it need to be located, I just lost one of my Android devices Today and it my favorite, it painful because I have many of my private and important data are on the device but am not so worried because I know that I will locate it easily. I lost the device in a taxi because it drops out of my pocket when I was trying to alight but I did not notice until I got down from the taxi and I noticed that my weight got lighter, I felt my pocket and it gone.
How to locate your lost or stolen Android Device remotely

I intentionally left the device with a simple Android slide lock and neglect the pattern lock so that the person that stole the device will not be thinking of wiping the device even though I trust that I will still be able to connect to the device even if it is wiped.I know most of my friends in the same situation that are reading this article are desperate to find their device so let get to business.

Option 1 : Using Google Android Device Manager

Android device manager first open interface
When I said I will be able to find the device even when it been wiped this is the option I was referring August, 2013 Google Introduce Google Android device Manager, It is a handy service that allows you to see the location of a lost or stolen Android device. The latest update to Android Device Manager enables remote password locking. If you want to prevent others from accessing your missing device, you can send a new password to secure it. One of the most interesting option in the Android Device Manager is that it can remotely trigger you device to ring unstoppably for 5 minute at full volume unless you press the power button on the device.Another Interesting option is the locate your Device Option that is available in the Android Device Manager It let you view exactly where your device is remotely from Google Maps with this you can get to where your device is and trigger it to ring out loud for 5 use this service visit Google Android Device Manager
Google android device manager interface

Option 2 : Using AVG Antivirus

Note: For Anti-Theft to work, you’ll need to first go to Settings > Location services on your device and make sure all services are on.
I was using the AVG antivirus that I downloaded from the play store to my Device and I activate the anti-theft option and I test it, The anti-theft option will send you an e-mail whenever your device sim card is changed you will receive and email telling you the phone number of the new sim card with their serial number, It will also include the serial number of the old sim card with their serial number too.When this anti-theft alert gets to your email you can do all the things you can do with the Google android device manager it not only that. AVG added an easier command which is via SMS:
Via Text Message
Borrow another phone and text any of the following commands to your lost phone
To sound an alarm: Text “AVGshout password”
To find your phone: Text “AVGlocate password”
To lock your phone: Text “AVGlock password”
To wipe your phone: Text “AVGwipe password”
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